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Mahfil-E-Jajam has a beautiful place, which is also hugely popular among our guest. It is the best place to spend some memorable time with your partner or friends in the lap of nature. It is the ideal location for a cool drink during the day as well as evening. Experience the finest folk music night parties of Jaisalmer. Local folk musicians like langa and manganiyar will play as their best lyrics in the honor of respected guests.

Description of Mahfil A Jajam- is the place where guest can Experience the finest Folk Music  of Jaisamer.Local folk musicians Like Langa and Mnagniyar will play their best  Lyrics in the honour of  Respected Guest.   The traditional folk music and dance is an integral part of the social and cultural life of the indigenous inhabitants of Jaisalmer. The Kalbeliya dance of the community of snake charmers portrays the rich artistic caliber and creative imagination of the dancers.
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